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SAVE EARTH! Perspective of mission


SAVE EARTH! Is a movement designed to change human consciousness about saving the earth from extinction. Mankind has always had a mindset that USES UP the earth as if it were an infinitely self-renewing resource. It isn’t.

If we’re not careful, we will use it up! We must not drain our planet of its species and resources, but instead sustain it by not interfering with its balance.

In short, we are only human beings, homo sapiens. We are but one species among thousands.

And homo sapiens are only visitors. There was an Earth long before us but our single species is now destroying it.

SAVE EARTH! Is not about collecting money as much as it is about changing minds. Together, with a shift in consciousness, we can save it by becoming stewards* of the Earth.

*steward: A person whose responsibility it is to take care of something.

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